How To Survive A “No Commitment Relationship”

At first, there is the pain, or the relief, the anger, sadness, etc. But as time goes by, people often end up drifting back together — they start talking, having sex, spending time together, and soon they’re a couple again, even if unofficially. —

The addiction of love blinds people.  Some persons are crazy enough to assume that the person they are dating is the potential “the one” despite the fact that both parties never discussed an official romantic relationship.  One thing is certain – red flags are all over the place, and the person who is assuming a lot in this kind of relationship can suffer a tremendous emotional setback.


These blurred areas make relationships more difficult to handle, especially when one of the two parties would like to cut the relationship for good. It is not an easy feat for an individual to get angry with a partner for having another affair if, in the first place, there wasn’t a clear definition of the relationship status.  In short, they are trapped in a “no-commitment relationship.” If a person is ready to move on from that kind of relationship, there are some factors that one needs to consider.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

A person must not assume that being a “no-commitment relationship” entails lack of respect for self and your partner. Even though the relationship between two individuals is not clearly defined, they must observe respect and common courtesy when deciding to end their romantic attachments. In a woman’s perspective, she must let the guy know directly and explicitly of her decision. While it might look easier not to respond to calls and chats, being honest about the situation is the best thing that any man or woman can do given the already complicated dilemma. In this situation, it is a known fact that both parties are not being obliged to explain their reasons and motivations, but telling other people about the decision made is better than just merely disappearing from plain sight.

There is a culture of “hooking up” that has become popular among college students and young adults. There are websites that cater to people who are not interested in a relationship other than a brief sexual encounter, or are interested in an ongoing sexual relationship with no promise of a future or of anything more than the sex. — Ruth C. White Ph.D.

Go Straight To The Point


Sending mixed messages is a no, no. Whenever there is a decision made regarding the relationship, the individual should be able to stick to this decision. No hidden messages, subtle hint and indecisive overtones shall be employed. Reviving their relationship with on and off tactics or booty calls will only cause further complication and possible heartbreaks or worst, hatred towards each other. It is best to sever all forms of communication to avoid sending random texts when one feels lonely, bored or vulnerable; however, if the couple decides to remain as friends, each one should know and practice limitations. If the relationship is incredibly intimate and physical from the start, it is recommended to avoid establishing a friendship with the person because there is enormous tendency to fall back into the cycle.

Take Time For Yourself


Even though the relationship is just casual, people are humans after all. They feel somewhat emotional in the beginning. They must allow themselves to process these emotions as they are.  Take this time to reflect on that relationship, find meaning, look for lessons and use those tools to help them decide on their goals on their next relationship.

You can consciously decide to be open to the possibility of being with someone who is different from the people you typically choose, for example, someone who expresses a strong attraction to you. This change will most likely cause you to feel somewhat ambivalent. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

The nature of a “no commitment relationship” is ending the ties when one or both feels that the connection is not beneficial anymore. A person must not invest too much in this type of relationship because it will always have a painful ending.

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