It’s Okay to say, “It’s Over”

Being in a relationship can be very blissful. As long as you feel the love for one another, your life with your partner would always appear to be a dream come true. You won’t expect that there’s a possibility that the relationship would crumble to dust. When it happens, it can be a complete disaster. You will be lost, alone, heartbroken and lonely. You may want to stay in the relationship for the sake of all the happy memories you’ve collected. But, you also want to be freed from the pain and suffering from staying in a relationship in which you are not happy anymore. 


Lies everywhere 

If your relationship starts to revolve around lies, it is definitely the right time to say that the relationship is over. You don’t want to stay in a relationship without trust. You would just continuously hurt yourself by accepting the lies that your partner throws at you. You are an amazing person. You deserve so much more. If you think that you won’t find another person who will love you again, remember that there are billions of people around the world and you’ve only met a handful of sand in a broad beach. 


Once a cheater, always a cheater 

This may be too much of a claim but studies have shown that individuals who cheated once are more likely to cheat again. If your partner cheated on you once, it’s possible that you will give him/her another chance depending on the reason that caused your partner to do that deed. However, if your partner cheated on you for a very crappy reason, throw in the towel. You deserve all the loyalty in the world. If you are loyal to him, then a shitty reason for cheating on you is unacceptable. Don’t try to revive the relationship if you know deep in your heart that it is all over. 


All Fun and Games 

The end goal of being in a relationship is to get serious and eventually build a family or promise commitment for the entirety of life together. If your partner has no intention to promise commitment to you, don’t waste your time anymore. Yes, having fun occasionally with your partner can help in keeping the excitement afloat. But, playing with your time, love and commitment are not worthy of staying in the relationship. If you want to settle down and have a family of your own and your partner is nowhere near to want the same thing after being together for many years, game over. 


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