The Heartache Of Breaking Up With Someone You Love 


Breaking up with someone is a lot easier when you hate your partner for something he did, like if you caught him cheating on you or that he’s too immature to take your relationship to the next level. However, there is nothing more heartbreaking than ending a relationship with someone you still love because you must – not because he was guilty of hurting you.  

Life is indeed ironic, don’t you think? Have you tried falling in love with the worse person ever and you were having second thoughts if you really wanted to let that go? And yet here comes the sweetest, most responsible guy that every woman is looking for, and you’re finding ways to tell him that this just isn’t the right relationship! That in itself is devastating.  

Some people have a very hard time with romantic breakups. They feel despair when a romantic relationship ends. — Bella DePaulo Ph.D.

Breaking Up for the Right Reasons 


Though it may be hard to believe, there are right reasons for breaking up with someone you. Sometimes there isn’t even a reason for thinking about breaking up, but you do think about it, and you don’t have to blame yourself for that. You might think you’re crazy and feel like therapy would be enlightening, but you realize how much therapy costs and you decide to just find something therapeutic online.

Love, and life, is weird. But you don’t have to feel bad if you think you want to break up with the nicest guy in the world. Let’s consider some reasons why sometimes we need to let go of the people we love.  

  • You have different interests and priorities in life. 

You want to stay at home and be cozy when you have free time from work, but he wants to party and have fun with friends. It’s important that you think about this because it’s going to be the life you’re going to lead when if you get married or live together. If you think he’s not doing his part in trying, perhaps it’s time to tell him it’s not going to be work. 

If we have an anxious attachment style, we’re prone to obsess, and have negative feelings, and attempt to restore the relationship. — Darlene Lancer, JD, MFT

  • The relationship is making you change for the worst. 

There are relationships that encourage you to be your best self, and there are ones that bring out your worst. When you become jealous, dominant, and too clingy it takes a toll on your character and draws you to be unkind to others and to yourself. When you realize that you’ve changed and the relationship got the better of you, breaking up with the one you love may be necessary.  

  • You’re just not happy.  

Even if you’re going out with the sweetest and most handsome guy in town, there’s something about the relationship that hasn’t kept you secure. Perhaps it’s because it has taken too much of your time that you haven’t been out with your friends, or you haven’t even had time for yourself.  

You try to tell your guy that you want to take a breather but he says you should be taking a breather with him, taking care of him and the relationship, because it’s the only thing that matters. Then it makes you think, “This is too much.”  

Yes, it is too much. A great relationship gives you time for everything else that’s equally important in your life – time for family, friends, and yourself.  

 Some people feel ashamed and embarrassed that a breakup is consuming or impacting them, especially when the ex-partner is considered “not worth it.” But breakups are painful! We put time, effort, hope, emotion, and much more into our relationships. — 

Breaking Up For the Better 


Breaking up with someone you love may be painful, but in the end it will be for the best. Well, it doesn’t really have to be the end of the relationship but perhaps a wakeup call – a turning point – to see the things that need changing. Perhaps the breakup will be the reason for a more harmonious and wonderful relationship.  





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