I’m Divorced And So, What Now!? 

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I’m in a very good place right now and extremely fulfilled with my second marriage. You read that right – SECOND MARRIAGE. I was once divorced and it took me a year to recuperate. Yes, 12 months and 5 days was all it took for me to finally realize that I was over my ex – the father of my beautiful children, my high school love turned “heart terrorist” for the next 10 years of my life. But it’s ok. If not for him, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now and I wouldn’t have had my darling angels. 

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How To Move On From A Bad Break Up

There’s no feeling worse than the pain of a failed relationship. But don’t worry, as they say, ‘nothing lasts forever,’ not your relationship, nor your heartbreak. Moving on may take time but you’ll never know how happier you’d become if you never start.  

 One way or another, you might have heard of a cliche line used by some couples when they split. For some, it may seem funny. But it doesn’t really feel that way, especially when you’re the one dealing with a break up. To part ways with the person you care for the most is very difficult. It often leaves a lasting scar on your heart. How do you move on from that?  

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