Thinking About The Future Without Overwhelming Yourself

When people deal with depression or anxiety, sometimes the most mundane things could seem too difficult to accomplish. Things like eating meals or taking a bath are part of an ordinary person’s routine. But for people going through some serious issues (mental illnesses, loss, grief, etc.), it might as well be a challenge they can’t face. It is understandable for you to neglect yourself at times, but you must not get used to this. Well-being and hygiene go hand in hand with your road to recovery. While you take your time with present self, the future would greatly appreciate any kind of boost from you. 

Just like your body and mind respond to details from places, images, and sounds that can zap you into negativity as fast as popups appear on a computer screen, you can use your attention and focus to help spring both body and mind out of a negative feeling. — Joseph Cardillo Ph.D.


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