It’s Okay to say, “It’s Over”

Being in a relationship can be very blissful. As long as you feel the love for one another, your life with your partner would always appear to be a dream come true. You won’t expect that there’s a possibility that the relationship would crumble to dust. When it happens, it can be a complete disaster. You will be lost, alone, heartbroken and lonely. You may want to stay in the relationship for the sake of all the happy memories you’ve collected. But, you also want to be freed from the pain and suffering from staying in a relationship in which you are not happy anymore. 

In some cases, it’s a great relief that things are drawing to a close, particularly if one partner has suffered some type of abuse or domestic violence. In other cases, the end involves a gradual drifting apart that occurs over a period of weeks, days, or years. — Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.


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