Why I’m Leaving New York City For My Mental Health Recovery

Don’t get me wrong, New York is my favorite city, and I’m proud to say that growing up in it is one of the best moments of my life. It becomes part of my world where I see and meet thousands of people every day. Aside from the fact that most individuals love to come and stay in the city, it is one of the places that make every people’s dream come true. That’s because it is the land of opportunities. The streets are flowing with inspiration. However, though New York is one of the most well-known cities that provide almost everything that I need, it can sometimes become hectic. Continue reading Why I’m Leaving New York City For My Mental Health Recovery

Help And Support For Single Parents

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Raising a child is a very challenging task for all parents, but it is even more difficult for those who are single. With that, single parents must not be shy or be aloof in seeking help with the rearing of their child. Assistance from others does not mean that you are not capable of raising your child. It’s just that you need a support system for the benefit of your young one, and at times, your own family can assist.

The methods we adopt to numb ourselves to interpersonal pain from our earliest relationships tend to become engrained in us and solidified as early as 5 years old when we start to develop an awareness of loss and death. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

What And How?

Parents need support in raising a child, and that is normal for everyone. Support from others can be in different means. For example, there is financial help. It is practical assistance for parents. Support for the proper ways of parenting and social aid from others is also essential.

How To Help Single Parents

It is somehow demoralizing to accept help from others because you want to fulfill your obligations, but you cannot stop people from extending a lending hand. It doesn’t mean that they are pushing you down for struggling to make ends meet. It only says that others care and they know how hard it is for you.

Here are people who can support you if you are a single parent:

  • Friends or loved ones other than your parents can provide moral support.
  • Local people from different groups or organizations can help you as well.
  • Colleagues at work can give you time off from all the worries.
  • Counselors are a big help for advice your situations and counseling.
  • Counseling through online sources or hotline numbers are convenient, fast, and easy.

Your supportive relationships encourage you to be yourself, enhance your strengths, and more fully realize your potential. — Alena Gerst, LCSW, RYT

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More Ideas

There are places where you can find the support that you need, and there are also lots of ways to help you out with it, for example:

Community Involvement

The people in the community are a good source of moral support. They can cheer you up and help you to cope with the situation. These people will accept and understand you. A supportive community will assure you of healthful living.

Other Parents

Parents have this brotherhood code – we know how difficult it is to raise a child, and so, let’s help each other out. This is an unspoken rule. So, if you need assistance, call the “mommy tree” group.

Local Support And Interest Groups

Single parents in the same situation will be a great help. You are going through the same experience and circumstances. Share ideas on how to juggle single parent life, as you cope up with your reality now.

Forums, Chat Rooms, And Social Networking Sites

Single parents are common all around the world. You can connect with them through online, chat, email or social media outlets. It will boost your morale to know there are lots of people with the same issues as you.

Parental stress, often in the form of single-parent households, appears to play a role in childhood obesity, affecting both unhealthy food consumption and lower physical activity. — Rick Nauert PhD

Finding The Right Support As A Single Parent

What kind of help do you need? Planning is the key to achieving support from others. Think of the things you need the most like carpool or a nanny, why do you need those things, and what help will it do for you. It is better to plan so you can find the assistance you require with your child.

The number of supporters is not a necessity; the important thing is the support that they can give you makes you feel better, and the result is very encouraging.

Having support in any form will build you up as an emotionally strong single parent. It gives you more confidence to face the challenges of tomorrow even when you’re alone and without a partner. Positive people will provide you with optimistic vibes so be with them. Spend time with these people and learn of their goals and dreams about raising kids on their own. But if some people are hindering you from growing into a good single parent, then, don’t hesitate to walk away because it will be your downfall.

Reconnect with others and find the time to socialize. Yes, you are busy taking care of your child but make sure you get a life. Friendships can ease the pains of your single parent problems. They can separate your time with happy conversations and joyful celebrations. No, you are not a selfish person for trying to enjoy your life a few hours each week.

You can bring your child as well if you don’t have someone to look after him. There are places where you can meet up with friends that have a play area.

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Sorting Out Your Finances

Money is one of the things that single parents worry about on a day to day basis. Budgeting money is hard especially if there is no child support coming from the other parent. It’s just you, and you need to provide for it. Your income may come in three ways: own earnings whether from work or your own business, child support, and even government support like allowances or discounts from other services.

If there is help coming from your ex-partner in supporting your child don’t hesitate to accept it. It is not a big deal because it is his or her obligation to extend child support. Financial support doesn’t come easily so if someone lends a helping hand to you, accept it.

Budgeting will help you pay for expenses, plan for the future and save for your child’s welfare. Support from others whether emotionally, socially or financially will be a great help for you as a single parent. Yes, it takes two to tango, but you can do it on your own with some help. Don’t lose hope.