I Want To Live – An Eye-Opening Experience 

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Depression can surely bring you down, but faith in God shared even with strangers can put things in perspective.  

When depression strikes, some people just can’t cope and deal with it until they’ve tried programs with a therapist or counselor for help. This is what Haroon Moghul did, among many other things, to combat his extreme depression due to his Bipolar Disorder. He was far from recovering and unexpectedly, a very regular, but truly eye-opening event happened to him that made him rethink his life and choices.   Continue reading I Want To Live – An Eye-Opening Experience 

Ask Yourself These Questions And Decide 

A relationship requires commitment from both parties to work out. Sadly, not all relationships are meant to last. Some are bound to fail, but this can sometimes be hard to admit no matter how obvious the situation might tell you. Sometimes, we choose to hold on. Maybe because we have invested time and emotions to just give up. We are too scared of what’s going to happen after. We are uncertain of our lives without that someone. Sometimes, we also choose to hold on because the people around us who have also been a part of our relationship will be as devastated by the breakup, but you need to ask yourself: Is it really worth staying in a relationship that no longer nurtures you? 

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The Heartache Of Breaking Up With Someone You Love 

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Breaking up with someone is a lot easier when you hate your partner for something he did, like if you caught him cheating on you or that he’s too immature to take your relationship to the next level. However, there is nothing more heartbreaking than ending a relationship with someone you still love because you must – not because he was guilty of hurting you.   Continue reading The Heartache Of Breaking Up With Someone You Love 

Kill Her With Kindness (A Mistress’s Ordeal) 

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This story is about Mike and Krissy who have been married for 46 years. They have two children, Karen and Kaleb, and 5 grandchildren ages 10, 8, 7, 5 and 1. With Mike’s booming business, he takes care of everyone.  

He provides monthly allowances for Karen and Kaleb even though they have their own successful careers. The whole family would go out of the country every 2 years for a vacation and that’s all on Mike.  The great grandpa that he is, Mike would pay for the tuition of his grandchildren in private schools. Krissy was a stay at home mom, as well. She would just do her own thing or watch the grandkids. 

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Working on Yourself Before Getting Into a Relationship

After a bad breakup, you may feel that you never want to trust another soul with your heart ever again. — Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

If you are unaware of who you are before you begin a relationship, you are more likely to lose yourself throughout the course of the relationship. People in relationships often focus so much of their attention on the other person’s desires and happiness that they forget about their own personality and interests. They spend all of their time working on their identity as a couple that they forget about their own identity. This is the easiest way to ruin your relationship and to get your heart broken. Before you start a new relationship, use these methods to help you find yourself.     

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What to Do When Your Friends and Family Hurt You 

“Should I breakup with him?” That is the question that my client Carly struggled with as she sat in on my couch, moving her right crossed leg back and forth with a nervous, oscillating kick. —

Your significant other isn’t the only person who can break your heart. Heartbreak can be caused by friends and family as well. However, it can be more difficult to deal with these people since it can be harder to walk away from them. If you’re surrounded by toxic or rude friends and family who are harming you emotionally or physically, use the 6 tips below to help you deal with them.    Continue reading What to Do When Your Friends and Family Hurt You 

How Heartbreak Affects Your Health  

When someone has broken your heart, it can seem as though every cell in your body is in mourning. The emotional pain that is brought on by grief combined with the physical pain caused by illness such as depression and cardiomyopathy can be debilitating to those dealing with heartbreak. For those who are suffering but who are in the dark about why your loss is affecting you, here are some ways that heartbreak affects your health.  

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How to Prevent Yourself From Acting on Feelings

We’ve all experienced that moment when our feelings for someone overpower our emotions. Every waking moment is spent thinking about them and formulating a plan to convince them to love us back and to forget all the reasons why it won’t work. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to act on these feelings, you know that they could get you into a far worse situation than simply having a broken heart. However, it can be difficult in the moment to keep these feelings to yourself. How can you prevent yourself from acting on these feelings?  Continue reading How to Prevent Yourself From Acting on Feelings

Not All Heartbreak Occurs Outside of Relationships  

Heartbreak hurts. Loss is shattering. Put these two together and you’ve got the lovely one-two punch that can come with breakups of short-lived or long-term relationships. —

Not all relationships have to end in order to cause you heartbreak. Sometimes, you can get your heart broken by staying in a toxic relationship and allowing your partner to repeat behaviors that harm you emotionally or physically. These types of relationships can wear you down over time and make you feel as though this type of treatment is the only thing that you deserve. End the cycle and free yourself from these types of relationships by identifying, in your relationship, any of the behaviors below.   Continue reading Not All Heartbreak Occurs Outside of Relationships  

Harmful Behaviors That Destroy Relationships

To a great extent, we live in a culture that resists and fears emotion. From the time we’re babies we’re taught to quickly shut off “negative” feelings like anger, sadness or pain. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

If your relationships keep falling apart one after the other, you may want to take into consideration the behavior that your significant other is seeing. Behaviors, good or bad, determine the fate of the relationship and there are certain behaviors that could ruin a relationship almost immediately. For those of you who are having trouble holding onto a partner, take a look at the list of behaviors below that could contribute to the end of a relationship.   Continue reading Harmful Behaviors That Destroy Relationships