Frequently Asked Questions About Seeking Relationship Counseling Online

Fate is as mysterious as life itself, I must say. Sometimes, it brings two incredibly excellent people together, and they share a wonderful life. Other times, it gets two awful individuals together, and they spend their lives spiting each other. What could be worse than the latter was a nice person meeting a terrible one, and they could not split easily.

Here’s My Story

There was a time when I was a big Captain America fan. I studied his history and learned that he did not start as a hunky guy. He used to have a frail body and a smaller stature before getting a serum that basically turned him into a superhero. Because of that, my preference for men changed. Instead of going for the hunkiest guy in town, I looked for a skinny guy who could transform before my eyes and become my own Captain America.

I eventually found one in Johnny. He was my nerdy classmate in calculus. He Was very tall but also gaunt. When a popular girl like me took an interest in him, the entire campus buzzed with gossip, but I did not care about that. I brought Johnny to the gym where I was a member and encouraged him to exercise with me.

It only took three months before muscles formed between Johnny’s bones and skin. After six months, he was already as big as Captain America. And, boy, was he as hot as Captain America!


When Reality Knocked On My Door Harshly

I initially assumed that Johnny would care for me as much as Cap did for Peggy Carter even after all his upgrades. After all, I was a catalyst to his change. Without me, he might still be dorky and skinny.

When the next semester came, though, Johnny changed. He began hanging out with the jocks; I would catch him exchanging flirty looks with other girls in the corridor. Still, they were harmless, so I did not talk about it much.

Unfortunately, Johnny’s self-confidence and ego grew with his muscles after college. He would claim to be at home when he was partying somewhere most of the time. Worse, his new friends would tag me on Instagram, and I would see him dancing and getting wasted.

I reached my breaking point when his flirty secretary whispered in his ear, and he did not do anything. I told him we had to get relationship counseling; otherwise, we should end things right there. Johnny chose to find online relationship counseling with me.

Is there any free online therapy? 

 Technically, there is no free online therapy. You may get free counseling advice through 7 Cups of Tea, but that’s not one-on-one – the information is accessible for all. If you wish to receive online therapy, you need to pay for a monthly subscription.

Is ReGain free? 

 ReGain offers a one-week free trial.

How do you get free Counselling? 

 If you wish to receive free counseling, you may contact local training facilities, Medicaid, and other institutions.

Is online marriage counseling effective? 

 Yes, online marriage counseling is effective. Try not to be surprised about it, considering it meets all the requirements for a successful counseling session: the two parties are present, not gunning for each other’s throats, and talking honestly with one another. The fact that they are not in the same room makes the latter more possible.

What is the #1 cause of divorce? 

 Many factors can cause divorce; that’s why it seems challenging to pick one. However, one word that appears in most lists is “infidelity.”


What are the signs of a broken relationship

  • You feel resentment towards your partner more than anything else.
  • You have lost respect for each other.
  • You tend to lie regarding severe matters, believing that your partner will not find out.
  • You can no longer trust your partner after experiencing betrayal.
  • You try everything to avoid being in the same room – or bed – as your partner.
  • You feel the need to take a protective stance whenever your partner asks about anything.
  • You stop considering your partner’s feelings.

How do you get the spark back in a broken relationship? 

  • Look for a new hobby or activity that neither of you has ever tried before and enjoy it. That can be traveling, fishing, gardening, etc.
  • Maintain or increase your physical connection. For instance, hold hands, hug each other, or sit beside one another. Without it, no relationship can survive.
  • Sexual intimacy should be improved to fix a broken relationship, too. If you find yourself losing your attraction to your partner, you can try spicing things up by being sexually adventurous.
  • Try to praise each other more even when you don’t feel like it. The challenge may only come in the beginning, considering you are used to spiting one another. However, when you learn to be more appreciative, the praises will come naturally to you.

What are the signs that you are not in love anymore? 

  • Your heart no longer races when you see your partner.
  • You do not feel like touching your partner in any way.
  • You still have sex with your partner, but you only do it because you feel like that’s one of your responsibilities.
  • You get irritated quickly when you think of your partner, even if they have done nothing irritating.

Why do most relationships fail? 

 Most relationships fail because one person cannot trust the other. Sometimes, this feeling is valid, mostly if the latter always does something untrustworthy. Other times, the former is too possessive or always overthinking.

What are the 5 stages of dating? 

  • Attraction: This is technically the honeymoon stage wherein the couple cannot get their hands off of each other.
  • Reality: The attraction phase is over when the couple experiences their first fight in the relationship. It may occur within the first six months.
  • Commitment: If the couple feels more deeply about each other, they start dating exclusively. This is when they officially become a romantic item.
  • Intimacy: This stage is different from the first one because the couple does everything with love. Even if they do not sleep together every night, they still feel close and satisfied.
  • Engagement: The final dating phase happens when the couple learns to apologize and forgive each other. You are more committed than ever to each other – no flaw or judgment error can break you apart.

Why do men withdraw? 

  • They have lost interest or attraction towards the opposite sex.
  • They see no future with the woman.
  • They are scared of showing vulnerability.
  • They are not ready to commit to a single woman.

What is a toxic relationship? 

 A relationship is technically toxic if the couple no longer respects, loves, supports, or cherishes each other. Its toxicity level increases if abuse or violence gets in the mix.

What are the red flags in a relationship? 

  • Justifying your partner’s awful behavior in front of your loved ones is a major red flag in a relationship. You are doing it because you know that the latter will be mad, yet you still want them to accept your partner.
  • You should think twice about your relationship if you and your partner gloss over arguments and makeup without resolving them. It may seem fantastic now, but it does not change the fact that the issues are still there.
  • Considering your partner always tests your boundaries or honesty, that’s another red flag. It entails that they have unspoken trust issues, and you need to address that before it breaks you apart.
  • You cannot feel happy when your partner says that they own you. No one can own you except for yourself. Letting them think and act otherwise will make your life miserable in the end.
  • It is also a red flag if your happiness becomes set aside so that your partner can be happy. Regardless of who makes more money than the other, you both deserve to get the same things.

What an unhealthy relationship looks like? 

  • You fight or yell at each other all the time.
  • You like to control one another.
  • You avoid your partner’s questions or vice versa.
  • You always feel insecure.
  • You depend on your partner 100%.

Why do I fight a lot with my girlfriend?

Fighting a lot with your girlfriend can mean various things. You probably refuse to back down during an argument, don’t want to let her win, or believe that you are right. Whatever is on your mind, you should step back a little and realize if you still want your relationship to go on. If you do, find a common group with your girlfriend. If you don’t, then end things now before it’s too late.


Final Thoughts

To cut a long story short, my boyfriend and I broke up even after going through relationship counseling online. Our priorities just grew apart. He wanted to enjoy life more without me; I wanted to settle down with him. In the end, I had to let him go to protect myself from more pain.

I must admit that it was incredibly challenging at first because I was used to being with my hunky man all the time. Over time, I realized that no muscles would be enough if the guy who had them could no longer love me. Because of that, I learned to be complete on my own. I am ready for a new relationship now, but I’ll just let him find me – whoever he is.

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