Hope is a Reality: Finding Hope in All Places

Life can be messy at times. For some, life was never smooth sailing. In these times, hope can be very important. Hope keeps us above the waters. But sadly, hope is as real as hopelessness.  

Hopelessness may feel protective, and it may feel unsafe to push it away or replace it with another feeling. — Elana Premack Sandler L.C.S.W., M.P.H

What hopelessness does is a very sad and discouraging reality. It paralyzes us and makes submit to the very same situation over and over again. It limits us and chains us down so we may never see a stint of hope.  

Hopelessness is dangerous. It blinds us to the reality that tomorrow will come. Hopelessness makes us a fool by letting us believe that there can no longer be a better place for us. It deceives us to never try again. 

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Recognize that Hope Is Real 

Let us turn this around. Hope is as real as hopelessness. What some of us needs to see is that there is ALWAYS light in the dark. Light can never get lost in the dark. There is always a better and brighter situation for all of us. Reality check! Life is not a storm and storms never lasts. 

Hope is an important component of the healing process. In fact, believing therapy will work is an important predictor of success. — Louis Hoffman, PhD

 Hope is a reality which means you can find it. There are many ways to find hope. You will definitely have one that works for you. It is not necessarily the same with someone else’s. This  means that never lose hope in finding your hope. 

 Step back 

Hopelessness blinds you and covers your path. For you to see hope, sometimes you have to take a step back to see a wider perspective. Remove yourself for a while from the situation. Do not escape it. You just have to see where you are at the moment to see where you have been and where you could be. Realize that the situation you are is a place you got into and it is a place you can get off too! Look behind. You got off that place too before you are here. You can do the same. Hold on to that reality.  

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Do something 

Do something that will break you out of that stagnant situation. If you feel stuck or restricted, move. Go to a place you have never been before, cook your own meal or take a walk in a park. Do something you have never done before. Make yourself believe that if you can do small things and tweak your situation, you can also do something with hope inside you. You have the power.  

Don’t be a fool. Don’t contact him or try to get him back. Why not? Because you can’t convince someone to love you. — Berit Brogaard D.M.Sci., Ph.D

 Talk to yourself 

Talk to yourself as if you are talking to another person. If nothing or no one can ever convince you that there is hope, try yourself. Focus on your mind. Discover what causes you to feel hopeless. Remember that what makes us hopeless is not the situation we are in. It is our mind. Hundreds of people can be in the same situation, yet, half of it may feel positive and hopeful. Talk to yourself and convince yourself that there is something you can do. Pull yourself out of the deception of hopelessness. 

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 It is very difficult to keep holding on to hope when nothing proves that there really is a brighter tomorrow. But again, hope is as real as hopelessness. You just have to believe and hold on to that truth. It doesn’t mean if it isn’t here, it is not real. It does not mean hope is nowhere to be found, because hope is everywhere. Hope is a reality.  

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