How To Move On From A Bad Break Up

There’s no feeling worse than the pain of a failed relationship. But don’t worry, as they say, ‘nothing lasts forever,’ not your relationship, nor your heartbreak. Moving on may take time but you’ll never know how happier you’d become if you never start.  

 One way or another, you might have heard of a cliche line used by some couples when they split. For some, it may seem funny. But it doesn’t really feel that way, especially when you’re the one dealing with a break up. To part ways with the person you care for the most is very difficult. It often leaves a lasting scar on your heart. How do you move on from that?  


Navigating through a breakup can be challenging in a number of ways, especially when it is particularly long, drawn-out, or otherwise rough. We might feel as if the pain will never diminish, but in time, it generally does. — John Sovec, LMFT

After a break up, a person normally experiences a heightened emotional state of sadness. While it may sound a bit, well… “sad”, a person needs to feel that way so he or she can cry it out afterwards and let it all out. Of course, you need not be sad everyday of your life after the break up as it might form into a more serious issue like depression. Health Line shared that the healing time actually varies for each person so you need to stay patient and try to do more things to move on.  

 Here’s a roundup of what you can and should do to move on from a break up. 

 A good exercise.  

Your stress levels might have reached the limit after feeling sad, angry, in denial, torn and empty all at the same time. A good way to get rid of this heavy feeling in the chest is a good workout as it allows your body to release endorphins (happy hormones) that can help combat stressIt’s a sure way to make you feel better, gain confidence, and keep your mind out of the break up.  


 Spend time with your friends.  

When you’re surrounded by good friends, you’d be overwhelmed by how much they really love you despite occasionally abandoning them (because of your partner) before. Go hiking. Plan out-of-town weekend trips. Get wild and have fun in a club on a Friday night. Watch movies. Simply enjoy the company of your friends at home.  

 Pamper yourself.  

After everything you’ve been through, you deserve this. Try out a spa in your neighborhood and welcome the calmness and peace from a good massage. There will be no regrets for sure. Even if you’re a guy, who says spa is only for girls? But if the thought of going to a spa bothers you, why not spend a little cash on food or video games instead? Whatever your version of “pamper yourself” is, go for it! 

Very simply stated, when your serotonin levels are low, you are more depressed and when they‘re high, you‘re happier. To increase your levels of serotonin fill up on turkey, bananas, milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, nuts and beans. — Berit Brogaard D.M.Sci., Ph.D


 Stop being a stalker.  

You’ve ended things with your partner for a reason. As much as you want to check on your “ex-boyfriend” or “ex-girlfriend,” better think again. It’s not really wise or appropriateBlock them from your social networks, just in case the temptation to check them grows too wild. After all, it’s just for your own sanity. When you’ve said all that’s supposed to be said, then there’s no point why you should still be talking to them. 

Be open to learn new things 

Always wanted to create clay pottery honey pots? Perhaps bake a cake? You have all the time to learn the things you want so you might as well use it! Get busy with classes and work on improving yourself more. You won’t just be getting your hands full, you’ll also be very happy from doing things you once couldn’t try when you were still in a relationship.  

As we move forward, it is still important to acknowledge our pain and other emotions we may feel as the result of a significant breakup. Set a time each day that you will allow yourself to reflect, feel, and process your relationship loss. — 

 A break up is life-changing, but so is moving on. Don’t waste too much time sulking or being sad when you can learn how to be independent and mature, have fun, and work on self-improvements. It’s not the end of the world.  


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