How To Recover From Your “Fragile” Self?

Being fragile is a state of vulnerability and susceptibility. Everyone experiences this time of being fragile. May it be when you get a text from your ex-partner, an unexpected call from an old friend that you lost connection with, a confrontation from a superior or a reprimand from parents. We all have already experienced a point of being fragile. At times, it destroys our being as a person. But how do we cope with these moments? How do we revive ourselves from being fragile? 

If you feel you don’t want to be around anyone, which can be common after a breakup, this is the time to act opposite of the urge. Push yourself to interact with people and prevent a pattern of loneliness and depression. — 

Accept the Reality
Let’s face it. We will all reach the point of frailness. Regardless, it is okay to be fragile at times. But, every time we feel this, we have to accept the reality. We have to accept the reason why we are breaking apart. You have to accept that your ex-partner already left. You have to accept that you will never please everybody. Acceptance is the key to be free. It will also help you to realize that you are strong. Accepting the reality will teach you lessons that will help you to surpass every challenge in your life.  


Be Mature
As social beings, we tend to overthink. Sometimes, this overthinking leads to our fragile feelings. One thing that would help us surpass this feeling is maturity. Being mature is a sense of having a wider prospect in things. You have to look through the bigger picture so that you would learn how to understand why things are like that. It is maturity that helps us to think clearer and wiser. We make better choices and apprehend situations better. 

In my work, I’ve taken this a step further in studying people who are “single at heart.” They are not just unafraid of being single; they embrace the single life. It is, for them, their best, most fulfilling, and most meaningful life. — Bella DePaulo Ph.D.


Unwind and Breathe

Whenever you feel fragile, two things should be immediately done. Unwind and breathe. If you feel frailness, do what makes you happy. Play your favorite video game. Have a drink. Go for a long drive. Take a nap. Buy your favorite food. Meditate. Breathe. Pray. Do anything that would make you feel at ease and safe. Inculcate the calm feeling. Frailness turns our mind into a mess that leads us to bad decisions. However, if we unwind and breathe for a while, this will clear the blur. This would help you think cleverly. After all, having a little fun is not bad especially when it makes you happy.


A pause is a conscious slowing down—a space-maker between stimulus and response. Pausing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us become calm. When our nervous systems are calm, we have more capacity to avoid reacting out of habit, and instead, to choose a response that is more satisfying, effective, and attuned to the situation at hand. — Cedar Barstow, MEd, CHT

Let go of your fears and learn how to trust
Lastly, The main reason why we become weak, vulnerable and fragile is our fear. We fear too much. We fear that everything could hurt us. However, one way to revive our fragile self is to be brave and learn how to trust. Let go of your fears and trust yourself and others. It is okay to be a coward sometimes. However, don’t let fear take over your life. You should learn how to trust yourself and the people around you. For it is when you start trusting that you start giving and receiving love.

It is okay not to be okay. We are not perfect. Life is not always about happiness. We tend to be fragile at times, but that’s okay. The most important thing in life is not giving up when things get rough. The pace may seem sad and slow, but never give up because you might succeed soon. You can get frail but remember to always recover from your fragile self. 


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