Keeping Your Mental Health Strong While In A Rocky Relationship

When people know that you are in a relationship with a great man, it clicks in their brain immediately that you are happy. “Oh, I wish I can find someone like your beau, sister.” “Does he have a brother you can introduce me to so that I’ll be in bliss like you?”

While they may sometimes be correct about feeling envious of a woman like you, other times, the picture-perfect relationship that they are thinking of is merely too good to be true. For instance, your partner may be sweet and all, but he prioritizes career more than your quality time together. The man possibly wishes to be with you forever, yet he does not agree that you should have kids even if that’s what you have always wanted. In such cases, small arguments may begin to erupt between the two of you, to the point that the smooth-sailing boat you were riding together has hit a rocky road.

Assuming you don’t intend to give up on your relationship yet, here are the ways to keep your mental health strong as you sort out your issues as a couple.


All relationships involve projections and attachments (among other psychological mechanisms). It’s incredible how often relationships are broken based on the projections, and then restored based on the attachments. —

  1. Let Your Guard Down

Human beings generally find it essential not to show any emotion after an unpleasant situation occurs. You don’t like to seem weak in others’ eyes; that’s why you choose to remain poker face and look unfazed. Nevertheless, you should realize that it is okay to break down the walls you erected around yourself. You can cry if need be, and nobody will think that you are weak due to it.

  1. Avoid Thinking Too Much

Folks who are not mentally strong tend to entertain different scenarios in their head even when not talking to their beau. Whereas some believe that doing so will allow them to know what to say if they argue with their man again, you have to deviate from this practice since it promotes overthinking. It is one of the unwritten causes of depression, anxiety, and other disorders, frankly speaking.

In the study, Drs. Simona Sciara and Giuseppe Pantaleo of the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Italy found that “perceived risk“ can greatly influence the outcome of a romantic relationship. That is, fear of relationship failure can lead to less commitment and then to actual relationship dissolution. — Rick Nauert PhD

  1. Stop Reiterating History

Whenever you go on a debate with the love of your life, you cannot keep on injecting history in your conversations. “You did this or that in the past.” “I’ve seen you do that before; you’ll do it again now, for sure.” That is an absolute turn-off, and this habit might push the guy away from you instead of bringing you closer together.

  1. Work On Yourself

Have you ever considered that maybe – just maybe – your man is not the only problematic person in the relationship? Say, you might have a ton of expectations; he may feel pressured by you to act in a particular manner. You need to dig deep and analyze your character then because your union will remain tough to mend if either party refuses to make a behavioral change.

We don’t always fall for someone simply because their positive qualities compliment our own but also because their negative traits fit ours so well. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

  1. Stay In Touch With Your Man

Lastly, when you feel upset, you perhaps tend to want to block your beau from your life. You deactivate your social media accounts; you turn off your communication devices. All of that to keep him out. However, if you still love this man, it is advisable to remain in contact with him so that you can try to resolve your indifferences more quickly.

One person cannot fix a relationship that two built together – that is a fact. Despite that, if either of you does not have strong mental health, the process of healing from your issues may take a while.

Internalize the tips given above to ensure that you won’t be acting irrationally while still in a rocky relationship. Good luck!

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