What To Do After Leaving A Toxic Relationship

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The Love Relationship Conference 2019 discussed the fascinating insights about the five love languages. It is essential to know the love language of your partner because it can help you become a better person to your loved one. Sometimes though, no amount of effort can make a relationship work, especially toxic relationships. And the best way to go is out of the partnership.

When you finally find the courage to leave the toxic relationship, here are the things that you have to do.

Always Remember: It’s Not Your Fault

It will be easier for you to blame yourself after leaving the toxicity. But the truth is it isn’t. How your partner treated you: the emotional manipulation, isolation, control, is not your fault. When you start thinking about blaming yourself, say this out loud, “it’s not my fault.” Self-blame is your mind’s way of covering up the pain that you felt when you were in the relationship, so it is also toxic in itself.

Source: pexels.com

Practice Self-Care

One of the critical things that you lost in the relationship is your care for yourself. So, what you need to do now is to rediscover it. Start by doing something that you used to love. Be it shopping, reading, or singing out loud, do it. Know that you matter. You deserve care.

Talk About Your Feelings With Someone You Trust

What you went to is traumatic and may be hard to process. But what your feeling is valid and needs to be dealt with. So, find a friend or relative that you trust and tell them about what happened. Talking with someone about it can help you process your emotions. If there’s no one to speak with, you may seek professional help for support.


Lastly, allow yourself to grieve. You are a strong person, but you are still a person. You need to cry over what happened or be angry about it; express them. Grieving will be the first step towards healing after leaving that toxic relationship.

Nobody deserves to be in a toxic relationship, but sometimes, people still get tangled in one. When it happens to you, disengage immediately. Always remember that you are worthy of love, not hurt. Don’t forget this.

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